The AccuTx Mission


When anybody hears the term "healthcare", one thing they immediately think of is the high prices. So many of my patients talk about their high deductibles and co-pays, as well as their increased out-of-pocket expenses. We are in a period of health care that is changing. Reimbursement is shrinking and patient costs are increasing. Deductibles are on the rise and the cost of medical supplies are not immune from high prices. 

How frightening is it for a patient who needs a simple tool to be expected to pay a high price just to regain a simple skill that was lost? A skill that was lost due to an unfortunate accident or sudden illness. When you tell a family that their loved one needs a special tool or device to help them regain that simple skill, as a therapist, it is distressing to see the look of disappointment on their faces when they learn that the tool or device they need is at a price beyond their means. This is why our company, AccuTx was created. 

All of the products from AccuTx are evidenced-based. The tools and products are created based on current research. Because of this, our tools are also very effective, allowing patients to reach their goals. Lastly, and probably the aspect we are most proud of, is that all of our tools are affordable. Knowing that exercises need to be practiced at home, our prices allow the patient to have that option. Every tool and product is created with these three ideas in mind. 

At AccuTx, our mission is to be evidenced-based, effective, and affordable. It will be satisfying to be able to tell a patient that the tool they need to help them regain their skill is based on current research, effective, and something that they can afford.