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AccuTx now offering Web Development

AccuTx is proud to announce the launch of a new arm in our business, focusing on Web Development for small business and non-profits, called "AccuTx Development".

We have parented with Squarespace, AccuTx being a certified Circle member, in order to facilitate small businesses and non-profit organizations with building beautiful, high-functionality, easy-to-manage websites in an accelerated time frame and at an affordable cost. 

Leveraging our experience with Squarespace and in web/software development, we are perfectly positioned to be a web development provider. 

Check out this link for more details or take a look at our portfolio!




My View on Stuttering

I grew up in a smaller town in northwest Ohio. I stuttered very severely for most of my childhood and struggled mightily. As a kid, I really wanted to stop stuttering. More than anything. I tried hard and I worked with many well-meaning speech-language pathologists who meant well. Unfortunately, my therapy was not helpful in the way that I needed. 

Building a Business

Building a Business

About 2 years ago, I was treating a sweet, elderly patient in my skilled nursing facility who came to me with aspiration pneumonia and a recommended liquid consistency of honey thick. She worked so hard, mastering the use of chin tuck against resistance exercise (CTAR) and base of tongue (BOT) elevation exercises; both in AND outside of therapy sessions. Together, we managed to improve her swallow function to safely tolerate limited flow of thin liquids. Yay, right?! Well, yes and no… I quickly realized how inaccessibly expensive materials deemed “therapeutic” or “rehabilitative” can be.

The AccuTx Mission

The AccuTx Mission

When anybody hears the term "healthcare", one thing they immediately think of is the high prices. So many of my patients talk about their high deductibles and co-pays, as well as their increased out-of-pocket expenses. We are in a period of health care that is changing. Reimbursement is shrinking and patient costs are increasing. Deductibles are on the rise and the cost of medical supplies are not immune from high prices.