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AccuTx now offering Web Development

AccuTx is proud to announce the launch of a new arm in our business, focusing on Web Development for small business and non-profits, called "AccuTx Development".

We have parented with Squarespace, AccuTx being a certified Circle member, in order to facilitate small businesses and non-profit organizations with building beautiful, high-functionality, easy-to-manage websites in an accelerated time frame and at an affordable cost. 

Leveraging our experience with Squarespace and in web/software development, we are perfectly positioned to be a web development provider. 

Check out this link for more details or take a look at our portfolio!




AccuTuck featured in Health Living News

AccuTuck, our CTAR device, was recently featured in Healthy Living News as it was successfully used in rehabilitation for a patient's dysphagia. Before using the device for CTAR exercises, the patient was restricted to pureed foods and thickened liquids. After a few weeks of using AccuTuck to strengthen her swallowing mechanism, she graduated to regular foods and is now enjoying enhanced quality of life. 

Read this article to learn more!

 AccuTuck - our #1 selling product

AccuTuck - our #1 selling product