Product Updates

My View on Stuttering

I grew up in a smaller town in northwest Ohio. I stuttered very severely for most of my childhood and struggled mightily. As a kid, I really wanted to stop stuttering. More than anything. I tried hard and I worked with many well-meaning speech-language pathologists who meant well. Unfortunately, my therapy was not helpful in the way that I needed. 

AccuBook Update 1.2

Accubook is now free to try! It's never been a better time to demo our latest app; available for Android or iOS.

AccuBook allows clinicians to create memory and orientation books for clients in significantly less time than traditional, scrapbook-type methods. No more cutting out pictures and spending valuable time with the copy machine! Simply take the pictures you need with your device, insert them into one of the pre-made templates (or customize your own), repeat until finished then print or use on a patient's device. The choice is yours!

With the free demo, you can print the first two pages of a book to see how it works. 

We have also enhanced the app by increasing both its stability and performance. 

AccuTime Update 1.0.5

We've recently updated AccuTime in order to increase stability and optimize performance. We continue to strive to make this app function at peak efficiency.

If you have any feedback on how we can improve this app, we'd love to hear your suggestions.

In other news, we are nearing our first major update for AccuBook. Not only will it have the usual bug fixes, performance upgrades, and compatibility with the latest mobile devices, but a major announcement regarding this app is coming soon. More details to follow!

AccuTime and AccuBook are both available on both iOS and Android devices. 

Our latest app - AccuBook

We are very excited about our latest app - AccuBook. AccuBook was designed to help therapists create memory and orientation books for use in cognitive therapy.

Use this app to design and create memory and orientation books, complete with descriptions and photos, and then easily export to either your favorite eBook program or email. This therapy tool will help you to create memory and orientation books much faster and allow you to share them with the patient much more easily.

For more information visit our website.

Available on iOS and Android devices

iOS 10 Update and more

We are very close to releasing our next update to AccuTime for iOS 10. The update should also fix some minor bugs. Also, we are working on some cosmetic minor issues for Android as well. In addition, our second app, yet to be released, has left the Alpha stage (development) and is entering the Beta stage (testing). Once we've cleared the majority of the testing, we will release more details.

More to come!