What can we do for you?


AccuTx Development, the technology branch of AccuTx, specializes in the creation of fully-functional, user-focused compelling websites that can articulate the vision of your brand to your target customer base. 

We use a client centered approach, taking on a single contract at time so that we can fully focus and commit to delivering the highest-quality product in an accelerated time frame.


Our Services

We develop websites using Squarespace platform - a Contenet Management system that creates beautiful and responsive websites. We chose this platform not only because of its rich feature set, excellent hosting reliability, award-winning customer support and easy-to-learn components but for its flexible customization engine as well, which  leverages our extensive programming background. 


Our focus is small businesses and non-profits who may not have a dedicated web development team. By using our services, we can build you a fully-features website that will help drive sales or donations in an fast-paced time span, one which you will be able to learn and manage once the project is over. 

Projects range from about $500-750 for a smaller website to about $1,000-$1,500 for a larger project and take two to three weeks to complete from signing the contract to hand-off and training. Our websites are tailored for each client, containing anything from a store, integrations, blog, event calendar and much more.

Upon hand-off we will teach you about the various features of Squarespace and guarantee a smooth transition over the first two weeks of your site going live. Should you need troubleshooting or help with a large content update down the road, we also have maintenance plans available, giving you peace of mind.

We have over a decade off full-stack web development experience and 2 years of experience with the Squarespace platform. As a certified Squarespace Circle member, you can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to build the website custom tailored to your business or non-profits needs.


Web Design

  • Stunning designs

  • Intuitive interfaces

  • Seamless integrations

  • Customized graphics

  • Tailored fonts/styling



  • CMS configuration

  • Custom Javascript/CSS

  • Data and entity management

  • Dev Ops and C# development

  • DNS and SSL certificates


Marketing & SEO

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • Social marketing

  • Newsletter marketing

  • Traffic Analytics

  • Lead generation