Our Work

View some of our latest work - including this site. 


We started off as a therpay tool & mobile app company but over the last few years, we've grown beyond that original scope. We've launched a speech therapy clinic, a learning platform, and now a web development consulting business. 

Some features we are especially proud of:

  • Fully customized learning course platform (existing outside of our content management system) hosted on a seperate cloud platform. 
  • Successful blog marketing that seamlessly integrates with our various social marketing platforms
  • Interactive online store, which interfaces with our inventory, shipping and accounting systems
  • Wide-ranging content, each optimized for search engines and customer discovery

SHRINE of holy wisdom

This particular non-profit had extensive event planning needs as well as some challenging customized interface requirements. We were able to deliver this website in just 7 days of development. 

Some features we are especially proud of:

  • Interactive calendar with multiple modes of navigation
  • Custom donation button and font-size scaling
  • Integration with Google Translate

National Center for preventing homelssness

Our second major contract was building a website for the non-profit organization NCPH. The focus of this website is to educate visitors upon the challenges, causes of, and solutions for homelessness in America. 

Some features we are especially proud of:

  • Donate button that follows the user and redirects them to the Donate page
  • Structured content which loads several sections at once but allows the user to quickly jump between them without reloading the page